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DJM  陶瓷复合建筑/工程机械配件(可焊接耐磨条/板)技术介绍
DJM ceramic composite spare parts (weldability wear-resistant bar/liner) of engineering / construction machinery technology introduction
可焊接耐磨条/板是一种外形类似于巧克力的以合金钢为基材的陶瓷复合高铬铸铁的耐磨件,即在合金钢材料表面铸入陶瓷颗粒形成陶瓷金属复合材料层,这层复合层的硬度可达高Cr材料硬度的3 –  4倍,同时这一复合层的厚度可制成达到原备件厚度的 1/3,并可根据原磨损曲线有针对性的制作,因选用合金钢为基材,从而使合金钢底座具有很好的焊接性能,又可以承担高冲击强度。陶瓷复合高铬铸铁的硬度提供了最大限度的耐磨性,同时,合金钢底座能吸收高冲击强度,产品易于使用,容易切割,焊接到曲面内外轮廓表面上,无需对其进行预热或后续加热处理;  体积小,便于运输,不需要过多的焊接时间,是理想的小区域磨损修复耐磨件; 我们有完整的产品规格,并能为客户提供个性化定做。与普通高锰钢耐磨铸件相比,产品使用寿命延长 4-8倍。

weldability wear-resistant bar/liner (Chocky Bar)   is one of the highly alloyed chromium white iron wear parts and looks like chocolate. the composite layer hardness is harder than high Cr material 3-4 times,The mild steel backing plate has very good welding performance while bearing high impact.   This product is very easy to use. It's easy to be cut and welded on curved surface without pre-heat or after heat treatment. It's easy to be transported as it's very small. It's an ideal small area repairing wear part without too much welding time. We have a complete range of specification and are able to customize and develop according to customer's requirement.  Comparing with normal High manganese steel wear resistant casting wear parts, this product's service life is 4-8 times longer.

注意:对于大弧度弧面(半径不到 305mm),或者内弧面,建议在“V”槽对面位置的低碳钢钢板上开槽来辅助成型(如图 Figure A 所示)。巧克力板在折弯的过程中可能会破裂,这是正常的。
1.  把巧克力板将会焊接上去的平面清理干净。
2.  把巧克力板一端点焊(依照焊接工艺)至少3处,每处长度最小 15mm。(如图Figure 1)
3.  外弧面:用软质平锤敲打巧克力板未焊接的一端,使巧克力板和弧面紧密接触。(如图Figure 2)
4.  内弧面:用软质平锤在巧克力板的中部位置落锤,使巧克力板与弧面紧密接触。(如图Figure 3)
5.  切割说明, 高压加沙水切割是首选的切割方法。不推荐使用氧炔焊炬热切割,空气电弧切割和等离子切割,因为局部高温受热可能造成裂纹和分层。砂轮盘切割也是可接受的做法。
This practice is suitable for Chocky bars only.
Note: For severe curves with a radius of less than 305mm, or inside curves, it is advisable to notch the mild  steel backing plate opposite the “V” to assist forming. (Figure A) The Chocky bar may crack during bending. This is normal.
1.  Clean the surface to which chocky bar will be welded.
2.  Tack weld one end of the chocky bar(as per the welding procedure) in at least  3 places by 15mm minimum length per weld(Figure 1)
3.  Outside Curves: Hammer down unwelded end of bar with a soft face hammer to bend bar to match mating radius. (Figure 2)
4.  Inside curves: Starting the center strike bar with a soft face hammer to bend bar to match mating radius. (Figure 3)
5.  Cutting Details:    High pressure abrasive water jet cutting is the preferred cutting method. Thermal cutting using an oxyacetylene torch, arc-air or plasma is NOT recommended due to high localized heat input and high risk of cracking, cutting by abrasive disc is an accepted practice.  

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